Bid4Assets How-To

The Sheriff's Sale WebApp provides tools to help you more easily find properties for auction at a Sheriff's Sale.

1. Choose properties to view.

By clicking on the "Search" tab on the right sidebar, you can search for properties the following 3 ways:

  • Search by Property – This tool will allow you to search for a specific property based on address, book/writ number, or OPA number.
  • Search by Auction – Here you can pull up a list of properties being sold at a specific auction.

  • Advance Search – In this section you can create a custom list of properties based on Sale Type (Mortgage or Tax Sale), Sale Status (For Sale, Stayed, Sold to Public, Sold to Bank), a range of sale dates, amount of opening bid, and the attorney listed on the writ.

2. Choose how you want to view your properties.

Properties can be viewed two different ways: as a map, or as a list.

  • Map View – Clicking the "Map View" button on the toolbar at the top will display the chosen properties on an interactive map. Each property will be visualized with a colored "pin" with each color representing the following:
  • Yellow – Property listed for Mortgage Sale

  • Blue – Property listed for Tax Sale

  • Green – Property added to your list of Favorites

  • Red – Current property being viewed 

  • List View – Clicking the "List View" button (SHOW IMAGE) will display the chosen properties in a list.

3. View details for a particular property

Once you choose the property or properties you want to view, you can see additonal details about each particular property by clicking on the property pin in map view, or clicking on the property row in list view. The following property details will be displayed on the right sidebar:

  • Address
  • Auction Date
  • Book/Writ
  • Sale Type
  • Status
  • Opening Bid
  • Winning Bid
  • Attorney
  • Property Owner
  • OPA#
  • Assessed Value
  • Property Description
  • Area (in square feet)
  • Zoning Designation
  • Zoning Description

Additionally, the sidebar will include a "Google Street View" image of the area near the property for sale. We rely on Google technology to display the image to give you a general approximation of the area where the property is located. Please be aware that the picture shown may not be a fully accurate view of the current condition of the location. 

4. Downloading properties

Every list of properties that you display in the app can be downloaded as a csv file by clicking the "Download" button in the title bar.

5. Advanced Features

The Sheriff's Sale WebApp has several advanced features that require the user to register an account and log into the website. To register for an account, click the "Login" link at the top right of the App toolbar, then click the "Register" link and follow the directions.

Once you are registered and have set up a login username and password, logging into the app is a snap. Just click the login button and enter your username and password into the drop down box.

After you are logged in, you can do the following things:

  • Save your favorite properties
  • Create and save custom lists of properties
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