Responsibilities of the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office

The duties of the Office are interesting, often complex, sometimes dangerous  but rarely boring.

Our deputies provide protection to witnesses, juries, judges, defendants and the public in six court buildings five days a week – 52 weeks a year.   Every day that courts are in session deputies transport 350 – 450 prisoners for court appearances and trials from jails in the region.

The Sheriff’s Fugitive Warrant Unit works aggressively to get more violent criminals off the street by reducing the backlog of about 3,200 warrants.   Warrants for arrest were issued for men and women charged with everything from murder, assault, domestic abuse to child molestation.

While we do not initiate the lists of properties that go to Sheriff’s Sales we are expected to carry out the orders of the First Judicial District.   That process begins when a petition is filed with the courts by a lender or party owed money on a property and a WRIT is issued. Our office is expected to carry out the sale based on the WRIT.    Currently we handle between 4,200 and 4,800 new foreclosures a year and between 4,000 and 4,200 tax sales a year.

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